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Porcelin Signs Wayfinding Boston

Porcelain Signs Wayfinding Boston

The gold standard in transit wayfinding isn’t gold—it’s porcelain enamel! Porcelain Enamel signs are the original ad signs dating back the late 19th century. Think of those old timey Coca…
SD Works Staten Island Ferry Wayfinding Shop

Staten Island Ferry Wayfinding

If you arrived at the oculus mall via the Path train and you would like to take the Staten Island Ferry, we made the signs to guide you! Working with…
The Equitable Building 120 Broadway NYC Signage Early 20th Century Salvaged Bronze Bank Building Facade Letters

The Equitable Bldg 120 Bway

120 Broadway Bronze Bank Building Facade Letters. Fabricated, prismatic bronze letters with and without halo illumination. We are particularly proud of the fabricated bronze lightboxes, which are internally illuminated and…
LaGuardia Airport Extension SD Works NYC Signage 2

LaGuardia Airport Expansion Headhouse

Our signs are integral to the newly renovated LaGuardia Airport! Photos of column IDs As part of our massive scope of work in the LaGuardia Airport Expansion, we are fabricating…
One Vanderbilt Signs and Decal at the New Supertall Skyscraper by Grand Central

Super Tall Skyscraper

One Vanderbilt Signs and Decal at the New Supertall Skyscraper by Grand Central. This is not the world’s biggest chemistry class cheat sheet. This is a nest of temporary room…
SD Works Oculus World Trade Center Wayfinding 2

World Trade Center – Oculus

The transportation hub at World Trade Center complex is the Oculus. We provide all the signage for this complex of shops, museums, restaurants and transit systems. We fabricated and installed