Signs+Decal is celebrating its 50 year Anniversary in 2021. The company is an international success story, celebrating years or hard work, ruthless efficiency, intergenerational support and an embrace of the trends that have built modern New York to turn a one room shop in Tanzania into a National powerhouse for fabri- cation of American’s most famous monumental signs and architectural elements.

In the next eighteen months we will be telling stories of our founding and history, but we would like to start by outlining the broad history of our organization. We will be exploring at length the people, processes and projects that have helped define us.

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We built our reputation in the 80’s working with the best experiential graphic designers.
We established our first shop in 1971 in Northern Boulevard in New York and we have remained a pillar of manufacturing to this day. Like most shops we started small, specializing in engraved room signs, but starting to exhibit the innovation and efficiency that would make us a powerhouse in later years.

A decade building from detailed fabrication to large scale installations.

LaGuardia Airport Headhouse Transportation Signage NYC 2
In 1998 we started taking over large scale projects with Pennsylvania Station and JFK Airport. Our efficiency and dedication to value engineering and problem solving brought the firms bigger success and an expansion from regional to national projects. Moving into the 21st century our company also began to pass the torch to the next generation and taking a leadership role in the community.
Interior Exterior Fabricated Brass Letters NYC Signs & Decal
One Vanderbilt, New York's 2nd tallest office building. Interior and exterior signage completed by Signs+Decal in 2020-2021.