Fabricating and Installing Safety Rails

Fabricating and Installing Safety Rails for the MTA in the New York City subways is essential!

We are fabricating and installing safety rails for the Shuttle at 42nd street. Here’s Andres staying safe w his Covid face mask—he’s being safe while doing essential work in keeping New Yorkers safe in the transit system.

Andres and the rest of us are continuing work on essential state and city contracts to improve safety in the transit systems as we have always done.

This project also includes gates, stairs and fare arrays as well as historical reproductions. We handle miscellaneous metal projects for civil contracts alongside signage work due to our in depth familiarity with site safety and contractors requirements. You may have seen us installing at other subway stations such as 34th street as part of ESI.

In this instance, the handrail segment Andres is supporting is being installed to keep passengers and employee from falling onto the tracks. It’s part of a contract w MLJ.

At Signs and Decal Corporation, the show must go on; however, we urge everyone to please stay home, and stay safe during these troubling times. Refrain from outside contact, and maintain a minimum 6 ft distance from others. Only leave home for essential matters.

Fabricating and Installing Safety Rails

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